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    The 7 types of people I hate on Facebook

    Facebook has become one of the most important part of our online social lives. It helps you connect with your friends and family; you can catch up with all the things happening in their lives. You can meet new people and make new friends. And the list of great things you can do with the social networking website goes on and on. Having been quite an active member of Facebook for a while a now, I’ve grown to passionately hate certain types of people. 1. The ones who have profile pictures of other famous people, kids, pets, cartoon characters. I see people having profile pictures of other people all the…

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    Haters gonna hate – Why do so many North Indians hate Chennai?

    I’ve had enough. I see a lot of North Indians making snide remarks about Chennai everywhere – work, Facebook, Twitter, food courts, shopping malls, trains. And today I will try to drill some sense into their heads. There is always a “Oh wait a minute, I forgot you live in Chennai!”. The next time I hear that, I will hunt that person down and kill him/her and set his/her house on fire. I have a huge bunch of North Indian friends – many of them who live with me in Chennai, and have come to love the city. I have had countless hours of discussions with them; about why people hate…

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    Is It My Fault?

    Let’s face it. I just turned 26. Now, turning 26 isn’t so bad in itself, but it becomes a nightmare when you’re a single guy. And it gets worse when so many of your friends get married and some of them start having kids already. As you start going to their weddings and kids’ birthday parties, something else happens – slowly and silently, but surely. Your parents start getting impatient; they want their beloved ‘child’ to get married too. And this is where problems arise. #QuarterLifeCrisis Over the past few months, I’ve been posting a series of status posts with the tag #QuarterLifeCrisis. You know you’re old when your friend refers…